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From the Microphone to the mixer to the amplifier to the speaker. Musicians and DJ's optional

Wired for Sound


We've got the nr 1 rated sound system in the world. period

Nothing sounds better than D&B Audio Teknik Q-series for Uriah Heep or J-series for The Prodigy. We also stock Turbosound and JBL . Lots of it. And Soundcraft and Yamaha Analogue and digital mixing consoles.



Drum-kits, Guitar amps,Bass amps Mics DI's Monitors and even Keyboards - bring your own Casio though - we dont have those. and bring your own guitars, we have a stack of Marshalls waiting for you
DJ Gear


Pioneer or nothing, Ok and Technics for turntables. Any CDJ /DJM for every disc Jockey imaginable. Bring your MP3 disc or memory stick, even your grandpa's old records, we can play that stuff!~

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