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Cool Inc Tattoo Convention

One of the biggest permanent Body art exhibitions in the country!

We are proud to announce that Johannesburg’s 3rd annual “Cool Inc” Tattoo Expo will be taking place 24-26 August 2012 in Kyalami. Without the slightest doubt we can say that this event has exponentially grown through the last two years and we are expecting this year’s attendance to exceed all expectations. As the clock ticks down and the time draws closer we are motivated to double the success rate by hosting an expo that will be on everyone’s lips for months after the event. In order to create an unforgettable event we will be including bigger prizes, an increasing number of participating tattoo studios from all over South Africa and crossing our fingers for international studios to join taking this event global in years to come.

The expo will ensure increasing exposure not only to tattoo studios/artists but also to all the big brand names involved as well as a wide variety of exhibitors with stalls that will keep you intrigued while curiously browsing from one to another. Experienced and talented entertainers will provide top-class sensational live performances from music right through to fire juggling.

Last but definitely not least, the long awaited professionally executed suspension shows that are a guaranteed show stopper and a display not to be missed.

  • Tattoo studios exibitions
  • Get your tattoo at the convention
  • Live Bands
  • Suspension Show
  • Tattoo Competition
  • Trader Stalls
  • Performing Artists
  • …… and loads more …..


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